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Why Ark?

In the story of Noah’s Ark, a particular challenge was given to Noah. To build something that is state of the art and beyond the comprehension of any layperson, himself included. This is the same as today’s healthcare landscape. A rapidly evolving sector with an overload of information doesn’t allow for simple decision to be made easily.

Ark Surgical Practice aims to provide reliable care that is available to everyone. Our specialist healthcare team is approachable and willing to provide timely consultations to empower every individual the ability of an informed choice.

We are committed to:

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We Are Setting The Standards In Research & Clinical Care

Ark Surgical Practice sets the standard in providing dependable and trustworthy care that everyone can have easy access to. Our specialist healthcare team are experienced, highly skilled, and qualified and will provide genuine and compassionate care at all times.

Meet Our Doctor

Meet Doctor Chong Choon Seng

Dr Chong is a genuine person who is compassionate towards his colleagues and patients alike.  He is well-liked by all the patients whom he has served and understands the struggles they go through especially cancer patients.

Being an expert in minimally invasive surgery, Dr Chong stays committed to optimal surgical outcome for all surgical conditions ranging from piles to cancer treatment. Having trained in various skillsets including robotic and trans-anal platforms, Dr Chong is able to provide the right surgery for each individual and firmly believes in the saying: The right tool for every rightly identified problem.

He is also an academic surgeon and has over 100 publications while he served in NUS as an Associate Professor and was also appointed as an Assistant Dean in view of his contributions to teaching and research. Furthermore, being appointed as Program Director for Surgery Residency in NUHS, he was privileged to have the opportunity to serve others in honing their surgical skills and grateful to have mentored several in the values needed for a surgeon



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